The World Coyote Made

The first sentence of the story.

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  • Originally appeared in Looking Landwards, edited by Ian Whates, November 2013;
  • Reprinted in Issues of Tomorrow, edited by Roy C. Booth & Jorge Salgado-Reyes, slated for 2017;


Review quote:

A powerful example of this is Jetse De Vries’s short story “The World Coyote Made” in the Looking Landwards anthology: a story which has protagonists and antagonists, but no complete heroes or villains; a gripping adventure with a devilishly cunning solution; and an unmistakable environmental activist ethos that it wears unapologetically on its sleeve. To say much more would be to spoil one or more of the many lovely twists in this story, but you should track it down and read it. Really.
— Pornokitsch
Near FutureJetse de Vries