Life in the Superfast Lane

This is the placeholder for a near-future story. While its action take place within—say—the next five to fifty years, it may actually be consider outdated or quaint as the actual future onfolds faster or stranger than even some of the wildest authors might surmise. Yet we still have to try.

This particular one—which is doing the rounds, so do see this as a true placeholder until it either is sold and its publishing rights have returned to me, or if I see no other alternative then publish it here first—might age sooner than others. Yet, as it’s inspired by a very recent publication (Whiplash by Joi Ito & Jeff Howe, December 2016) and the markets—online markets that are supposedly about the near future and how things move faster than we think—take more than one month to respond (if they respond at all).

So these are the new stars, the SciFi markets of today: those that are online, but still react as slowly as the old-fashioned print magazines? Colour me unimpressed. So I might just self-publish it here, before it gets past its expiration date (and call it an exclusive? Together with two other stories—“The Oracle at Tau Ceti” and “Planet Preservation and the Art of Zen”—so the total number of stories on the site is thirty?)